Minimizing CPU Usage in WordPress: Tips and Tricks

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CPU usage problems have been a constant area of concern for WordPress website owners. While these problems are magnified for websites with fewer resources in their hosting plans, they can also occur with good plans. These problems can cause your site to slow down dramatically since the CPU runs out of resources to serve the content on your website. This eventually leads to a poor-performing site, bad user experience, and a drop in search engine rankings. In this article, we will offer some tips and tricks to help you minimize CPU usage in WordPress.

Tip #1 – Remove the plugins that you don’t need

WordPress websites derive a lot of power from plugins. Websites use multiple plugins for different purposes. However, most site owners install several plugins when they are looking for a specific feature and then forget to uninstall the ones that they don’t want to use. We have also come across sites who have more than one plugin offering the same/similar set of features. 

A good way of bringing down your CPU usage is by uninstalling plugins that are not required by your site. It is recommended to refer to the plugin’s guidelines for uninstallation as incorrect removal …